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Big news here, friends: I’m starting a new blog.

Actually I already started it.

Check it out. It’s got a cool title: How to Be Supermom.

You may be wondering why I would do something so crazy as start a new blog when I have no idea how I’m keeping up with this one.

Here’s why.

1. I want to focus this blog more. If you ever look at the title of this blog (you do, right?), you may notice that I diverge a lot from what I originally meant for this blog to be about. It’s supposed to be about eco-friendly parenting with a local focus. But then I get ideas for all sorts of crazy, funny, and off the wall topics. Now I have a new place to write about off the wall stuff. The more off the wall the better.

2. There’s no such thing as too much blogging. I’ve been writing seriously on this blog for about a year now, and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s this: I love blogging. If I could blog full-time, I would be totally okay with that. So, well, I decided I needed another blogging outlet. So there you go.

3. I’ve learned a lot about branding. If there was one thing I didn’t know when I started this blog, it was branding. I’m not going to point out all my errors here if you don’t notice them. Suffice it to say they are many. So I wanted a chance to start over with everything I’ve learned here.

4. I want to write a book. Yeah, I know, every blogger wants to write a book. But I actually have (ghost)written books before, so I know I can. I’m still focusing the idea, but this blog isn’t quite the right platform for the book I want to write. Hence the new one. If you want to be first to know about it as it progresses, you should subscribe to the How to Be Supermom mailing list.

5. I’m now freelance blogging for clients. And you can never have too many samples, right? Actually that’s probably not true. Never mind. Go back to #2, that one I’m sure about.

Oh! And if you want to know more about hiring me as a blogger, look here.