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Activities that cause prodromal labor contractions:
1. Sitting down.
2. Standing up.
3. Lying down.
4. Sitting on the toilet.
5. Cleaning.
6. Cooking.
7. Walking.
8. Sitting on the couch trying to write articles.
9. Doing artwork with my daughter.
10. Reading books to my daughter.
11. Putting my daughter to bed.
12. Taking a shower.
13. Reading facebook on my phone.
14. Playing “Words with Friends” on my phone.
15. Reading The Hunger Games on my phone.
16. Thinking about labor.
17. Not thinking about labor.
18. Talking on the phone.
19. Watching The Walking Dead.
20. Writing blog posts about prodromal labor.

Activities that slow or stop prodromal labor contractions:
1. Sleeping (I think. Although I might just be sleeping through it).
2. Taking a bath.

On the bright side, I’m pretty clean from all those baths. And seeing as I usually don’t take showers when I have a newborn, I may as well enjoy that while it lasts.