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This post is the first of a series I’m starting called “Amazingly Auspicious Advice.” These will be very brief posts with a single useful tip. Most of the tips will be submitted by readers. If you’d like to submit a super-useful, practical tip for other moms, do it here.

My first tip is from my friend Amber. She has a solution for spilled milk. You know how you’re supposed to thaw frozen breast milk by placing it in a bowl of warm water? Have you ever done that only to discover that the bag the breast milk was in had a hole in it? So you come back to a bowl of lukewarm, watered-down breast milk?

Here’s the thing. When milk freezes, it expands. So if the bag was pretty full — or even if the bag was just compressed enough inside the freezer because of how it was lying — then freezing the milk can create tiny holes in the bag. Not good. The solution? Before you put it in the bowl of warm water, put it in another ziplock bag. Yay. No more spilled milk.

Have you got a great tip you’d love to share with other moms? Submit it!