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I am working on an amazing and long post about breastfeeding and judgement and intuition and being a mom. I wanted to post it today, but my daughter doesn’t have preschool (why do we not have preschool today, again? I have no idea. Is today a holiday I don’t know about?), and I am going to play with her instead of working on this post. Even though I’m tempted to do otherwise. So, this is my post to tell you I’m not posting.

But here is some fun stuff you can read/watch instead while you’re waiting for my awesome, amazing post, which I will post next week. Hopefully Monday. In case you haven’t seen any of this stuff, which you probably have. Just some of my favorite posts from the past few weeks/months/etc.

Cloth Diapers, the good things and the crappy things,” from Parenting, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. This is my favorite blog of all time, and this is probably my favorite post yet. Because I do all these things. Especially the picking-up-moms-at-the-playground thing. I did this just the other week. I saw this mom with two kids about the same age (one is hers and she nannies the other), and I spotted their cloth diaper bums from the other side of the playground. I went up to her and said, “Hey, cute kids! Are those cloth diaper bums?”

“Yes,” she said.

“What kind? Wait–don’t tell me! Pockets, right?”

Of course I was right. One was in Fuzzi Bunz and the other in Bum Genius. I can recognize what brand of cloth diaper your baby is wearing by the baby’s butt silhouette. I’m like the guy in My Fair Lady who can tell what street in London you live on by your accent. I’m awesome.

“Sh*t Crunch Mamas Say,” from Mama Natural. You probably already saw this–it’s from January. But I was watching funny videos on YouTube last night so of course I watched this again. It’s still hilarious. So you can watch it again too.

And seriously, I have said almost everything in this video.


Finally, a story about my husband and his conversion to cloth. Two days ago, my husband’s cousin and his wife had a baby. They are an amazing, wonderful couple and I am so excited about them becoming parents.

So last night my husband was talking to his cousin. First he asks his cousin how it feels to be a dad. The he asks how the birth went. “Did she have medicine or anything?” Yes, he asked his cousin if his wife had a natural birth. This is not something that guys usually ask each other about when they become dads. His cousin wasn’t even sure. It wasn’t even important to them, so it really doesn’t matter.

Next, my husband brings up the subject of diapers. “Uh, so, are you guys using Pampers?” he says.

I could hear his cousin through the phone. “Um, yes,” he said. “We’re using disposables.” (His tone was kind of shocked. Like, what kind of question is that? Obviously we’re using regular diapers! We’re not crazy hippies like you!)

My husband said, “Oh, cool. So you can just use them and toss ’em, right? That’s pretty convenient. That’s cool.”

I don’t know what his cousin said then, because I was laughing too hard. I have never heard a man judging another man for his diaper choice before. I can’t believe my husband even asked about their diaper choice. Like it was any of our business.

Now he’s trying to convince me we should send them some cloth diapers. Poor man. Clearly I have him completely brainwashed.