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This is an idea that I observed a friend of mine doing. At first I thought it was kind of crazy. And then I realized it was brilliant.

Most toddlers are really picky eaters, right? But they will eat inordinate amounts of weird, unhealthy foods like ketchup. Most toddlers would happily live off nothing but ketchup and carrots. Carrots dipped in ketchup.

Solution: mix the ketchup with something healthy. My friend used pureed baby food. Usually something with a mix of vegetables that would blend with the color and flavor so her kid wouldn’t notice it much. But you’d be surprised what a strong flavor ketchup is. You could mix it with pureed spinach and most kids would probably eat it as long as the puree was fine enough.

And suddenly ketchup with a side of crackers will be a pretty darn healthy snack.

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